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History of Shiloh Old Site Baptist Church

1855 Garrisonville Road

Stafford, VA 22556


Established 1870

Shiloh Baptist Church was established in 1870 by purchasing one acre of land from F.G. Philip for $1.00. The trustees were Henry Jackson, Jack Moore, Augusta Brent, Beverly Jackson and Thomas Toles. The first Pastor was Reverend Horace Crutcher who served as pastor for 38 years and with whom the first churches were built. The first church was a bush harbor; the second a log one and in 1894 a frame structure was erected. 

The following preachers served as pastors of the Shiloh Baptist Church: Reverend T.T. Hedgeman served for 12 years; Reverend William Harris succeeded Rev. Hedgeman and pastored for 23 years; Reverend Williams Stokes served for 18 months. In 1942 the United States Government purchased the original church land for the Marine Corps School. However, we continued to worship there until 1950, during which time our fifth pastor the Reverend Oscar Jackson, led the congregation while the fourth church was built (1949-1950). 

Rev. Jackson pastored Shiloh for 9 years and 3 months. Reverend Warren Hudson, served seven years; and Reverend Edward Mercer pastored the Shiloh Baptist Church for 41 years. Under his leadership many ministries were birthed and renovations were made including a new pulpit, new pews, new piano and organ, and various renovations were made throughout the church. In 1975-1976, the church was bricked and the brick columns with angels were added to the front of the church.

Beginning March 1996 services were held every Sunday instead of twice a month. Reverend Mercer served the congregation faithfully until his homegoing, after which Reverend James Jackson served as Pastor. Reverend Bobby Smallwood served as Pastor from 2009 to 2017. 


The church was established and commissioned by Jesus Christ to continue His work on earth. We will continue to work and walk in faith with our new Pastor as we go therefore into all the world preaching the good news and setting the captives free.