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Trustee Ministry




Daniel Brown, Chairman

Curtis Brown, Assistant Chairman

Trustee Morris Berryman

Trustee Joyce Fitzhugh

Trustee Orlander Harrison

Trustee Jesse Johnson

Trustee Johney Mercer

Trustee Debra Parker

Trustee Trudy Parker


Trustees are to be faithful, prudent, experienced and devout persons of known ability and unquestionable integrity. They are to be of honest report, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom. In addition, they must exhibit strong business and administrative skills.


Trustees are stewards elected to care for the property of the church. As stewards they hold in trust for the church membership the material possession that the church has acquired. They are responsible for the maintenance, repairs, and improvement of church property; shall see that adequate insurance is carried on all church property at all times, and seek to provide for the present needs relative to the church properties and facilities. They also assist in planning for the future needs of the church. In addition, they maintain and update all papers, deeds, wills, insurance, polices, promissory notes, liens, mortgages or other pecuniary obligations.